Security & Privacy

An insight on how we keep your data secure
Audit Wizard is built by a team with years of experience securing highly sensitive software. Our platform is designed and implemented with security in mind at every stage, and we do rigorous internal security reviews of our code on every release. We have also commissioned an external penetration test to ensure there are no vulnerabilities in the code or infrastructure. Your data is always secure in Audit Wizard.
Your data is encrypted on our servers and we do not access or view it (beyond running the automated tools you select). However, if you are auditing a sensitive project that has a requirement of complete privacy assurance, then you can import that project in private mode. Private mode encrypts your work (notes, findings, and whiteboards) with a key that is exclusive to your browser, ensuring that your data can only be accessed by you.
Click the gear icon in the import box to specify a private project
Some features that would require access to the encrypted data on our servers will not be available in private mode. You must sync keys between browsers in order to access private projects on another machine/browser.
Last modified 3mo ago