Audit Wizard

The all-in-one tool for auditing smart contracts

Audit Wizard is in active development. Join our Discord to participate in the beta, report bugs, or request a change.

What is Audit Wizard?

Audit Wizard is a security-focused IDE that makes auditing smart contracts easy. Audit Wizard streamlines web3 security work by making various security tools accessible with one click. Instead of downloading various tools in CLI, switching between windows, and manually writing security reports - you can streamline your entire security workflow with Audit Wizard.

Audit Wizard is useful for smart contract auditors, bug bounty hunters, and developers. It makes security insights easy and accessible for everyone. In addition to having automatic and AI-assisted security tools, our all-in-one platform provides an enhanced code-viewing experience for manual auditing work. Audit Wizard is browser-based and requires no downloads. All tools are ready to go upon signing in.

Why Audit Wizard?

The blockchain security tooling landscape is underdeveloped and complicated. Tools are complicated to set up, lack UX, and the auditing workflow is scattered between different tools and windows. Audit Wizard makes auditing easier and faster with our streamlined approach. We're making security insights accessible to everyone, with an excellent user experience and streamlined tooling. See all the features and tools available in Audit Wizard here.

Can I use Audit Wizard today?

Audit Wizard is currently in its Beta release - use it for free here!

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