Getting Started

Signing in and importing a project

Sign In

You can create and account and sign in to Audit Wizard via Sign-In with Ethereum, Google auth, GitHub auth, or email and password.
All your work on Audit Wizard will be saved under your login and will be accessible to you, no matter where you log in from.

Import Projects

Projects can be imported from multiple sources. You can import audit contests from platforms like Code4rena and Sherlock by simply clicking on the contest in the Contests list.
You can import projects via the import box from the following sources:
  • GitHub repo URLs
  • Ethereum, Arbitrum, Base, and Optimism contract addresses
  • Etherscan contract URLs
  • Code4rena contest URLs
  • Sherlock contest URLs
To import from a private GitHub repo, either log in with GitHub or first add a GitHub Personal Access Token to your Audit Wizard account. Then, you can import private repos via their URL.